Health Treatments

We are conveniently located on the west side of Burnsville in Yancey County with easy access for our surrounding communities including Weaverville, Mars Hill and Marshall, Spruce Pine, Bakersville, and Marion.

The Alternative Healing Center offers our communities a place to access skilled practitioners in a variety of healing arts including acupuncture, massage,  herbal and nutritional

Health Practitioners

Tara Lee

Tara is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist in North Carolina. She is an herbalist, bodyworker, and offers herbal and nutritional counseling to her clients.

She is currently pursuing certification in Cymatherapy with Cyma Technoligies and BioTouch Therapy with Shaharzad Awyan.



The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine can include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Asian bodywork, and other treatments like moxibusion, cupping, & Chinese Herbal Therapy. Acupuncture is commonly used to treat pain and is effective for many acute and chronic health concerns.

Herbal Consultation

Herbal and Dietary Consultation can help you better understand your health concerns, and how they may be related to your diet, environment, lifestyle, and health history. Herbal therapy uses the healing power of plants to assist your body's own healing mechanisms to restore balance.

Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork sessions vary depending on the practitioners specialties and the clients preferences for style, pressure, and duration. Practitioners with different styles including Deep Tissue massage, Theraputic Massage, Asian Bodywork, and Gentle Relaxing Bodywork are available.

BioTouch Therapy

Bio Magnetic Touch is a method that uses the application of the healer’s touch selectively to a specific group of 18 trigger points.
The practitioner uses what is affectionately called the “butterfly touch”, by lightly touching the skin of the recipient with the fore and middle fingers of the hands.
A specific pattern and combination of the trigger points is followed to rebalance and restore the body’s vitality and health.

Crystal Fusion Light Therapy

Crystal Fusion Light Therapy uses a fusion of elements including light, color, and gemstones to focus a frequency into body tissues to promote the body’s own healing mechanisms.
SolaraGem is an assembly of specific crystals, gemstones, and color filters that have different effects such as relaxing, balancing, or stimulating the tissues.
A Light Therapy session can be experienced on its own while you relax in a recliner, or as an addition to another treatment such as acupuncture or massage.

Treatment Rooms For Rent

Our Integrative Wellness Center has 3 treatment rooms within the space occupied by Burnsville Health and Nutrition.  The Wellness Center has a separate entrance and front seating area yet is also open and welcoming from the retail side of the space.  Treatment rooms are available to rent hourly, daily, and monthly.  Each treatment room is minimally and comfortably furnished. You can bring your own massage table or use the ones on site.

If you are a beginning practitioner, we can support you building your practice without having the expense of starting out on your own.  We have massage tables for your use and you can schedule use of a room by the client or by the day.  If you are an established practitioner and you are looking for a space in Burnsville,  we would love to discuss our vision for a healing cooperative, using the synergy of our combined strengths to serve our community with alternative options in the healing arts.

Our location on the Hwy 19 E bypass offers easy access from Burnsville, Mars Hill, Marshall, Barnardsville, Weaverville,  Spruce Pine, Bakersville,  Marion, and Erwin, TN.   There is convenient parking in front of the building and the entrance provides easy wheelchair access.  We are located next to Yancey Center for Physical Therapy, an established and well appreciated therapy center.

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