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Our mission is to seek out the best products, from national brands and family-owned small businesses, and bring them to you.  Whether it is a bar of soap made at a local farm, or a bottle of Vitamin C, or a nut butter, you can trust we bring you quality products.  We stand behind our products and honor returns for retail items that do not meet your expectation.  We care about you.

Many people in these modern times find shopping online convenient and less expensive than in brick and mortar stores. However,  we hear many stories of poor quality products that are near expiration or have been stored improperly or products that do not contain what is listed in the ingredient panel.  We buy directly from producers and wholesale distributors, so we know where our products are coming from.  We follow producers suggested retail pricing and often use minimum SRPs to give our customers affordable options.  Our store is temperature controlled and products requiring refrigeration are shelved immediately upon arrival.  We care about quality.

Supporting local businesses supports our community by providing jobs and a vibrant local economy.  We encourage you to choose to support our local businesses rather than supporting large warehouse corporations that neither care about quality products or safe working environments for their employees.  We offer discounts to seniors and veterans and put products on clearance that are within 3 months of expiration.  We care about our community.

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